Anastasiya Mukhacheva
trichologist-rehabilitologist, brand-technologist of the Orising company
Our beauty and health depend only on us
I have been working as a hair and scalp trichologist-rehabilitation therapist since 2014.

My dream is that everyone on this planet realizes the importance of proper scalp and hair care, as well as that it is possible to solve any problem.

Believe me, you can prevent hair loss after childbirth, prevent or stop baldness in time, cure seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff, etc.

It is enough just to allow yourself to have beautiful and healthy hair! And trust the specialists.
In order to help my clients to have beautiful and healthy hair, I am constantly learning. After all, trichology is a fairly new, but very rapidly developing science. It is never possible to learn everything, therefore, despite my great experience, I attend many trichological conferences, master classes, and do internships. Everything for you, dear clients!
Services and prices
Online consultation on the selection of home care – 500 UAH.

Face-to-face consultation, computer diagnostics of hair and scalp structure (trichoscopy *) – 1000 UAH.

Orising scalp and hair care procedure (+ trichoscopy *) - from 2100 UAH.
Computer diagnostics of hair and scalp structure.
In a face-to-face consultation, I always get to know your hair structure and scalp closer with the help of a trichoscope .
This is a device equipped with a powerful optical system that displays an image on a computer screen with multiple increasing (up to 200 times).

It allows me to see everything I need and assess the condition of your hair and scalp with a very high degree of accuracy, which means that I can prescribe the right home care or treatment (if necessary).
Before and after
The most pleasant thing in my job is to see good results of my clients. When those who have suffered from strong oily scalp for years feel the long-awaited freshness; when the scalp calms down after a long time of severe itching; when those who only dreamed of becoming owners of thick and long hair made their dream come true; when those who parted with bundles of hair in the bathroom every day not even dreaming of stopping this process of hair loss become happy and cope with the process of hair loss.
I was lucky to see and be a part of my clients' small and large daily victories! I want to share with you just a few of them so that you definitely believe in the power of trichology:
Why Orising?
Italian phytocosmetics Orising works at the cellular level, eliminating any problem of hair and scalp.

Any Orising product contains only natural ingredients: oils and extracts of medicinal herbs, fruits, flowers, as well as minerals necessary for the skin and hair. Due to the exclusively essential elements in its composition, it excludes the cancellation phase after completing the course of procedures.
Orising products are environmentally friendly. They are not tested on animals and the packaging is made from biodegradable material.

You will definitely fall in love with Orising products, because they will give your hair and scalp health! Another pleasant thing is the incredible aroma of oils, fruits and flowers!
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Popular questions
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Anastasiya Mukhacheva

I accept patients in the center of Kiev, cosmetology studio Fit Aesthetic Studio

at the address: 11 Dragomirova Street (RC Novopecherskie Lipki)

My phone number for making an appointment/questions/cooperation: +380 50 218 88 20