Energetic coconut hair Coco mask

Qualitatively aligns the hair shaft, making it more durable, elastic and silky. Deeply moisturizes, restores the hair's inner tissue. Gives the hair shine and brightness.

Natural coconut oil, silk proteins, citric acid, oat extract.

1.Wash your head with shampoo 2 times;
2.Squeeze your  hair out of moisture with a towel;
3. Apply 10-30 ml of the mask to the hair structure;
4. Cover the head with a plastic cap;
5.We stand for 15-20 minutes under the influence of heat;
6.After the expiration of time, wash off thoroughly with water.

It is not recommended to use a coconut mask immediately after coloring (and 5-7 days after). Since it helps to wash out the color.