Hair loss Intensive care product

HAIR LOSS SYSTEM (15 ampoules, 7 ml) - a system of phyto-cosmetic procedures with two phases, helps in preventing hair loss and strengthens weak hair.

The package includes two types of ampoules: Conditioner ampoule (yellow) and therapy ampoule (white).
The Conditioner with active cleansing, moisturizing substances having also seboregulating and keratolytic functions, favors a better penetration of oxygen to the scalp, eliminates its thickening that occurred because of the dead skin cells, balances the hydro-lipid layer.

The therapy ampoule is based on the synergistic action of the active components such as: Capsicum (chilli pepper), which has a blood circulation stimulating effect, and phytoextracts, including ginseng, has nutritious and restorative functions.

But the main task is performed by the glycoproteins and hydro-glycosaminoglycans, the ingredients of an ampoule.
The Hair Loss System is certified by the State University of Ferrara and all tests were not conducted on animals.

Yellow ampoule - aloe, birch, horsetail, allantoin, peppermint, rosemary, sunflower.
White ampoule - ginseng, Capsicum (hot pepper), panthenol, peppermint, hyaluronic acid, pumpkin, glycoproteins (complex proteins), hydro-glycosamminoglycans, theonine (amino acids), valine (amino acids), lysine (amino acids).

Conditioner ampoule: distribute uniformly on the entire surface of the scalp, rub slightly massaging it. Having hold for 15 minutes, rinse with water and proceed to Hair Loss System shampoo, recommended frequency is once per week.
The therapy ampoule: distribute on the scalp slightly massaging it. Do not rinse.
Recommended frequency of use is every two days.
It is recommended to use the Hair Loss System for two months (approx. 2 package) and then continue to use protective and preventive care.