Moisturizing shampoo Sea Complex3

Phytoessential moisturizing shampoo Sea Complex3
For weak, thin, dry hair and damaged by chemical treatments. Contains extracts of seaweed. It nourishes, protects the scalp and hair from the harmful effects of the environment. Kelp extract has a softening and intensely nourishing properties. Due to its hydroscopic properties, it perfectly retains moisture, leaving hair soft, elastic and healthy shine. It does not wash out color pigments, providing excellent care for colored hair. Sea Complex3 is a complex hair reconstruction method. Achieve 3 goals at the same time: nutrition, hydration, vitality.

Wheat proteins, lactic acid, flax seed acid, kelp extract, sunflower seed oil, seaweed extracts

1.Thoroughly wet your hair and scalp with comfortable, hot water.
2. Pour a portion of shampoo into your palms, make foam.
3. Apply the foam to the root of the scalp;
4. Wash your hair with massaging movements for 3 minutes, rinse with water, repeat again.
Shake well before use.