Orising Caduta Hair Loss Kit

In the Kit:
Phytoessential anti-hair loss shampoo 250 ml,
Phyto-essential lotion against hair loss 100 ml,
Sanitizer – 100 ml

Phytoessential anti-hair loss shampoo strengthens hair follicles, prevents hair loss, improves blood microcirculation. The plant protein complex has a beneficial effect on the keratin structure of the hair.
Recommended for all types of hair loss.

calendula flower extract, nettle leaf extract, hydrolyzed silk, lavender sage herb oil (salvia), peppermint oil, meadow mint oil, thyme flower and leaf oil, panthenol.

Phyto-essential lotion against hair loss
A cosmetic product for preventing hair loss, rich in natural active substances. Its continuous use provides complete nutrition of hair follicles, awakens follicles that are in telogen hibernation, and qualitatively increases the number of growing hair.

 extracts of juniper, sage, ginger, angelica, rosemary, nettle, turmeric root, aloe leaves; panthenol, wheat proteins, menthol.

Sanitizer Igien Orising.
Provides a disinfectant effect, helps to get deep cleansing, cares for the skin of the hands and leaves a pleasant scent. Contains extracts of lavender, lemon, thyme and propolis.