Phytoessential sports shampoo for hair and body Sport Time

Orising is a brand that creates high performance products designed to provide quality, complete skin and hair care. The Orising brand has earned its popularity and has become in demand thanks to its products that have a therapeutic and prophylactic effect on the scalp, ensuring its health, and the hair - beauty and shine. Orising Sport Time phyto-essential sports shampoo literally energizes, invigorates and provides a feeling of cleanliness, freshness and comfort for a long time.

The shampoo contains the most valuable vitamins A, B and E, as well as natural plant extracts of rose, aloe vera and salvia. This product gives the hair shine along its entire length, making it supple and manageable.

Apply to wet scalp and body and distribute with vigorous movements over the entire surface. Wash off with water.