Orising Antiforfora Anti-Dandruff Kit

In the Kit:
Anti-Dandruff Phyto-Essential Shampoo 250 ml,
Phytoessential anti-dandruff lotion 100 ml,
Sanitizer – 100 ml

Phytoessential anti-dandruff shampoo with lichen extract Orising Antiforfora Shampoo
Effective against dry / oily dandruff. Eliminates the causes of its occurrence and prevents re-development. Extracts of Icelandic lichen, lavender and mint in this product maintain the physiological ph value of the scalp and normalize its hydrolipid balance. Exfoliates dead cells of the stratum corneum, relieves itching and irritation of the scalp from the first application. Prevents dandruff. Restores the epidermis.

Phytoessential anti-dandruff lotion
It normalizes the hydrolipidic balance of the scalp, contains antifungal and antimicrobial components that destroy the fungus causing dandruff, and protects the scalp and hair from its reappearance for a long time. The high percentage of Icelandic lichen (natural antibiotic) and maidenhair solves the problem of dandruff while maintaining the physiological ph value of the scalp.

Sanitizer Igien Orising.
Provides a disinfectant effect, helps to get deep cleansing, cares for the skin of the hands and leaves a pleasant scent. Contains extracts of lavender, lemon, thyme and propolis.