I LOVE MY HAIR «SPIDER» combs gentle care

Multi-colored combs «SPIDER» gentle care
Size: L 210 x W 46 x H 37 mm
Material: Bristles - nylon.

Comfortable combing
Super gentle unraveling
Gentle scalp massage

– each bristle bundle contains a pair of specially selected ultra-flexible nylon bristles of different lengths, long - help to detangle hair, short - create an additional massage effect that stimulates blood circulation and promotes new hair growth
– on the tips of all bristles there are protective balls that provide a comfortable combing and massage, which does not injure the hair and scalp.
– long and short bristles act in different directions, complementing each other. Long ones help to detangle hair, short ones create an additional massage effect without injuring the skin. The brush is also ideal for use while washing your hair.
– Using a real breakthrough in material technology, we were able to create bristles enriched with Moroccan argan oil and keratin. The bristles, created with the use of biotechnology, take the utmost care of the hair structure.

for dry and wet
for straight and curly
for the thick and emaciated
for artificial and hair extensions
for children and adults