White clay cleansing lotion Purifying Orising

Purifying Orising Phyto-Essential Cleansing Lotion with White Clay (12 ampoules, 7 ml each)
The presence of extracts with antioxidant properties and kaolin in it helps to counteract the negative effects on the scalp and hair of environmental pollution, which can cause various skin anomalies and problems.

White clay, Andiron oil; extract of birch, horsetail and aloe

Method of application: Apply a lotion to the scalp with a light massage after using ORISING Cleansing Shampoo. Do not rinse.
Shake well before use. The presence of a slight sediment is due to the presence of a functional ingredient - kaolin.
For best results, the use of a White Clay Cleansing Mask once a week is recommended.