Multienergetic serum

Multienergetic Serum SERUM enriched with extracts of beech, birch, black currant plant buds. It nourishes and restores the physiological life cycle of the hair. Accelerates growth, promotes revitalization, strengthening and regeneration of new cells, prevents hair loss, enriches the scalp with oxygen and nutrients. The product is effective in the fight against alopecia of any kind, has a drainage effect, antioxidant.
The package contains 6 tubes of 15 ml. Not sold per piece, packaging only.

Blackcurrant bud extract, birch, beech, mountain pine shoot oil, panthenol, ivy extract, lotus extract, olive leaf extract, peppermint oil, eucalyptus essential oil, xanan gum, sunflower seed oil

It is recommended to use after the energy composition D.
Apply the serum along the parting with light massaging movements. Leave to act for 10 minutes (without climazone), rinse.
1 tube = 2 treatments.