Essential Oil VS / I Loss

Against hair loss. A phyto-cosmetic product of high concentration has a warming effect.
Thanks to extracts of pepper and cinnamon, it effectively stimulates lymph flow and capillary circulation. Performs lymphatic drainage massage of the scalp. Provides hair follicles with intensive nutrition, promotes cell regeneration.

Result: hair loss is reduced, the growth of sleeping hair follicles is activated!

Ingredients: peppermint oil, narrow-leaved lavender oil, vegetable capsicum gum, rosemary essential oil, cinnamon leaf oil, cinnamon tree oil, evergreen cypress oil, vanilla extract.

1. Apply in a checkerboard pattern from 9 to 18 drops with massaging movements;
2. Apply on top of the partings Energy composition D or multi-energy serum;
3. Leave to act for 5-10 minutes.
4. Wash it off with shampoo 2 times.