Sea complex № 2 «Deep reconstruction»

Mask Sea Complex2 «Deep reconstruction» (step 2) is designed to strengthen hair. It nourishes weak, thin and damaged hair. Acts primarily in the inner layers of the hair by restoring the synthesis of amino acids and keratin.

Almond oil glycerides, yeast extract, yarrow extract, hydrolyzed wheat proteins, pectin, protein, mineral complex (iron, magnesium, zinc, copper) vitamins A, E, F

1.Wash your head with shampoo 2 times;
2. Squeeze the hair out of moisture with a towel;
3. Apply 10-30 ml of the mask to the hair structure;
4. Cover the head with a plastic cap;
5.Hold for 15-20 minutes under the influence of heat;
6.After the expiration of time, wash it off thoroughly with water.
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